Saturday, 14 April 2012

Welcome to Blogland

No, it's not the next chapter. With any luck, that'll be up soon. No, this is about Characters. I've got me, Lynxia, Mist, Eve, Star and Lavender. But it's not to late to give me a few more. Anyone who wants to be in the story should give me their OC now. That will be all.


  1. Whoa, stop giving me all the OC's, there's only so much I can handle
    I don't use ^ for sarcasm, i just expect you people to be able to tell

  2. *looks at Nix*
    And how are we supposed to tell exactly?

  3. So, if it's going to be US as our characters, i guess I'll be Ivy.... But maybe you could make me Val AND Ivy because I'm Val on the Blog and look like her, but I'm also Ivy... And Ivy can change appearance and stuff, so...

  4. if you want you (not your character, you) to be in it, can you please out a basic OC of you here before i write the next chapter

  5. Like, how I look? I look like Val. How I act? A mix of Ivy and Val (in real life I lean more towards Valkyrie...). In real life, if someone asks me my name, I usually say Valkyrie and every once in a while I say Ivy. And I'll be a thirteen-year-old on the 29th, so if you were saying how old I was it would depend on when you're writing the thing.

    Is that the kind of answer you need?

  6. I act like Lynxia. I don't trust you until you've earned it. Won't even look at you until you've proved your worth. I only do stuff if there is something in it for me. If I know you and you're my friend then I'll stick up for you and fairly outgoing once I get to know you. First impressions mean a lot to me and if you say something wrong the first time I meet you then that has a big impact. This kind if stuff? I can be pretty hostile too, when i want to. Sarcasm is my beat friend and irony is a close second. I'm pretty sharp tongued and can give someone a lashing and tear them to shreds in minutes. That's about it.

  7. Hey is there still some space for me?

  8. It long. But you need this since you dont really know me. This is my character, Lord Vlaedr:

    Lord Vlaedr

    Age: 17-ish

    Height: About 6ft tall.

    Apparel: Black and Grey camo pants, layered leather chest armour, with black cloak to seal the deal.

    Weapon: Has his claws, but you can’t scratch everything, right? CA M870 Sawed off shotgun with shoulder strap. Also a few grenades. Just in case.

    Powers: Well you see he is a wolf-bear. Originally. That is when he takes off his magical silver ring. When the ring is on, he looks human, but has claw-hands, wild fur hair, and an insatiable appetite for humans. Has amazing strength and stamina due to the magical meddling of a mysterious doctor.

    Personality: Well he is impatient, has a very bestial nature, hates long trips, loves hunting and chasing things (enemies, deer, humans), loves tea (calms his Beast down), and has feral rages all the time. Also has a strong urge to eat humans every now and then. Doesn’t always stop it.

    Descriptions: He is tall, obviously. Has longish, dark, fur hair. It is all matted and bunched together so he doesnt bother combing it. Has luminous green eyes, due to magical side effects. Has a strong, lined jaw and looks kind of wolfish. Mildly sharp teeth. Extremely sharp Bear-Claw-Hands. Got it?

  9. I just realised. You probably need a history. Right?

    When he was just an infant, a person dressed as a doctor and smelling like Sage, picked him out of the crib and left the hospital. From then on, this person, known as V. , started working on Lord Vlaedr. By slowly adding the DNA of a wolf, the doctor changed Vlaedr over the years. Soon Vlaedr didn’t look like a human, literally turning into a wolf, albeit a lot bigger and eventually regaining human thought while in this “Beast-Form”. By splicing the genes of a bear into his system, in between the wolf DNA, the doctor gave Vlaedr immense physical strength and endurance, also giving him bear-paws as feet and hands when in Beast Form, and eventually allowing him to be able to stand straight up to a height of 7ft. The doctor used magic to smooth the transition over and to stop Vlaedr’s genes and DNA ripping himself apart. It had now been ten years since his abduction.

    The doctor then released Vlaedr into the wild, in an environment with many wolf packs, still monitoring him closely. Within a year, Vlaedr had joined a pack. Two years after that, Vlaedr became the Alpha. Four years later, he had united all the packs into a single army of hunting monsters.

    This is where the doctor ran into some problems.

    The more time Vlaedr spent in this Beast-Form, the more he slowly lost his humane thoughts and feelings. He of course could still think like a human, but without any humanity. So the doctor decided to make Vlaedr a Ring. By using ancient, purified silver, imbuing it with magic as he forged it, he created a literal bane to the wolf side. When Vlaedr had the ring on, he was in normal human form, with freakishly large paw-hands, wild fur on his head, and great strength and endurance. It took the doctor a year to slowly get Vlaedr to accept his humanity again and to regain control over his facilities.

    And then one day, Vlaedr simply woke up on the side walk, with a note saying: Live. Kill. Die. Be my Frankenstein. It was signed Varoque...

    Now wandering the earth, Vlaedr is looking for a cause. He knows he will never fit in with this strange world he lives in and longs for the safety of the trees and snow that his pack offered. His greatest joy in life is hunting down prey. Human or creature. Hunting is what he was made for, and he hunts for a purpose in life. He is known to struggle with his bestial mind set in human form, but still has flashes of compassion and humanity. But he is still just a wolf in sheep’s clothing...

    Vlaedr doesn’t have any anger towards Varoque (doesn’t know if it is woman or man), and doesn’t regret his making. All he remembers is the Wolf Years, the doctor having explained to him exactly how he was made and having educated him in his last year with him. Vlaedr’s memories are hazy of his past because of his beast side. Vlaedr stands just under 6ft, with long, matted, and spiky-ish fur on his head. He has luminous green eyes. It isn’t known if Vlaedr has any magic’s of his own, besides the magic imbued into him while he was being changed.